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Bluebeard's Castle News

October 2015

T-shirts and mugs with vintage logo now available

Go to

One can now grab a vintage Bluebeard's Castle t-shirt and/or coffee mug!
Choices of colors are available as well as men's and ladies’ t-shirts! Get them before they disappear!

October 2015

Boards elected for 2015/2016

The results we have are as follows:

Hilltop Board and Pirates Pension Boards remain unchanged. We still await Villas and Hilltop 3 results.

Summer 2015

Darwyn Harris- Board member passes away

We are sad to announce the passing of long time Board member Darwyn Harris. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Spring 2014


There is now the ability to buy units that are available for resale. If you are interested, please contact Bob Ficken by e-mail or phone at 631-255-6849 and in order to get the best deal, make sure you mention that you were referred by the website. Don't forget "bluebeards dash castle dot com". Bob looks forward to hearing from you!

See the list here:
click to see for sale list for June 2014

Summer 2013

We have created an easier way to contact your Board of Directors. Each Board will now have their own contact page to allow you to send e-mails directly.

Please see the Contact the BOD tabs
Hilltop 3
Villas 1
Pirates Pension

We have also updated the travel links providing owners & visitors of Bluebeard's Castle with special discounted links to travel deals on airfare, car rentals, hotel stays, and more. Check them out at the TRAVEL LINK page and new CAR RENTAL LINK page.

Also, we have installed
solar panels to provide power to the resort and lower the costs to owners.

November 2012

Facebook pages added. See links at our BBC
Facebook page.

Also, Steve Buckley has been appointed as the new General Manager of Bluebeard's Castle. Steve has worked with SPM for 8 years and we are excited to have Steve join our Bluebeard's Castle family. See his LinkedIn profile here.

October 2012

Elections provided no change to the Boards due to lack of owner voter turnout. Change cannot happen without owners voting.

January 2012

New General Manager at the Castle.

We would like to thank Margaret Johnson for her 3 years as Bluebeard’s Castle General Manager and congratulate her on her new position with SPM's corporate office.

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mikhail Shamkin. Mikhail has been promoted to General Manager of Bluebeard’s Castle Resort. Mikhail has many years experience employed in the hospitality industry and previously was the Maintenance Director at the resort. Please join us in wishing him much success in his new role.

The Annual Election was held on October 15, 2011 in Kissimmee, Florida.
Join the Yahoo Group to stay informed.
info can be found here.

August 2011

The call for nominations was sent out in the last Spyglass. Many of the current Board members have chosen to NOT pass info along to us so we apologize for any delays in getting you information. This can be changed but only if you all vote for a change.

Don't forget to vote in the annual election. This is your timeshare so why shouldn't your voice be heard. Contact Board members via the Yahoo Group or directly.

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April 2011

Grand Re-opening took place in April 2011.
For more info, please go

Spyglass Newsletters for April are

2010 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was held on OCTOBER 30, 2011
Embassy Suites Philadelphia Airport, Philadelphia, PA


The Hilltop Villas Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. A
quorum of 25%, using one for timeshare intervals and fifty two for whole unit owner
intervals, was necessary by proxy or in person and 29.70% was achieved and reconciled.

The Board of Director election results were counted and are as follows:
Candidate/Votes Received
Roena Bergman 236
Darrell Brown 58
(Herbert) Lee Dozier 60
Kenneth Drew 302
John Enrietto 660
Mark Farrell 679
Robert Ficken 546
Lydia Hill 244
Charles (Chuck) Keltch 661
Tina Peterson 251
Janet Sands 247
Scott Williams 681

(The above includes the voting block from the Whole Unit Owners of 462 votes)

There were no quorums for the other Associations thus no changes to the Boards were made.

Weekly Reports can be found
Updated often so please check back

July 2010

Hilltop Villas 3 is offering an Amnesty Program on all Interest & Penalties on unpaid maintenance fees. For more information, please
click here to download the document. See part 2 by clicking here

May 2010

Letter sent to owners in May, 2010
click here to download and view.

Jan. 2010

Reconstruction continues to move ahead nicely

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